Portable Massage Chairs


Using incredibly strong oval tube aluminum construction, Earthlite has created a stylish, compact and lightweight massage chair. Your Vortex™ portable massage chair will be a place of healing and energy – the perfect portable venue for massage therapists, sports therapists and more. Chair only weighs 15 lbs!

Stylish yet Incredibly Strong Oval Tube Design
Patent pending soft, curvy design.
Oval tubing to increase strength.

Lightweight Aircraft Aluminum
Aircraft quality, strong and lightweight.
Chair only weighs 15 lbs.

Incredibly Comfortable
Multiple face, arm and seat adjustments for optimal client positioning.
Pro-Lite™ Cushioning – high quality, two-layer support system.
Durable yet buttery soft Natursoft™ upholstery.

Portable and Easy to Use
Quick setup with simple facecradle armrest and seat adjustments to accommodate all client sizes.
Folds compactly.
Totes and stores easily.

Standard Features:
Aircraft oval tube aluminum Vortex frame
Pro-Lite™ cushioning system two-layer support system
Natursoft™ Upholstery in eight colors (Amethyst, Black, Burgundy, Hunter, Marie’s Beige, Mystic Blue, Sterling and Teal)
Complete Package includes: chair, carry case, sternum pad and strap

Weight: 15 lbs
Max. Working Weight: 300 lbs
Limited Lifetime Warranty
CE Mark

Avila II

The Avila II™ is the world’s most advanced massage chair — infinitely adjustable, ergonomically designed and ultra compact. The leg and seat shapes plus the chair angles are expertly designed to provide optimal weight distribution maximizing comfort and support. The Soft Support™ cushioning system wrapped in Earthlite’s supple Natursoft™ upholstery provides the ultimate in comfort and durability.

Complete Package
Includes carry case with wheels, sternum pad, and valuables pouch.

Innovative Composite Avila II Frame
Space age composite materials are pressure molded into a strong and stable patented frame.
Leg and seat shapes plus the chair angles are designed to provide the optimal weight distribution for maximum comfort.

Infinitely Adjustable, Very Stable
Three quick levers optimize chair fit for everyone from children to 350 lb. adults.
Stainless steel clutches and reinforced chest clamp provide unparalleled strength and stability.

Luxuriously Upholstered
Soft Support™ removable cushioning pads wrapped in supple Natursoft™ upholstery provide the ultimate in chair comfort.

Standard Features:
Patented composite frame
High quality, Soft Support™ removable pads
Natursoft™ Upholstery in eight colors (Amethyst, Black, Burgundy, Latte, Mystic Blue, Sterling, Teal and Vanilla Creme)
Compact design
Stainless steel clutches
Package includes: chair, carry case with wheels, sternum pad, valuables pouch.

Optional Features: not available on website, call to order
•Ultraleather® upholstery

Weight: 25 lbs
Max. Working Weight: 350 lbs
Lifetime Limited Warranty
CE Mark