Acua – Steam massage bed

Steam massage bed Acua is a multifunctional tool that offers operators a variety of possibilities in terms of use (steam bath, Scottish shower, massage, chromotherapy and music therapy) thus maximizing the earning power of the cabin.

The steam produced by Acua can be enriched and aromatized with essential oils. The small canopy guarantees rapid saturation without ever coming into contact with the user’s skin and it is lit with the colour chosen in the chromotherapy programme selected.

The Acua Chaise Longue is divided into four parts so that the customer is always stable and never slips down. Furthermore, the backrest can be adjusted electrically. Sturdy and resistant, the marine wood structure can be covered with one of the mats in anti-allergy material supplied.

The Scottish shower in the foldaway bracket produces an immediate change in temperature. There is no dripping at the end of the treatment. Specific protocols of use consent to alternate jets of thermo-regulated hot water and cold water at room temperature. The Scottish shower can even be used during the steam cycle.

Chromotherapy with colour cycles that can be customized and programmed to be coordinated with other functions, such as steam cycles or music therapy. The RGB lights are everywhere; on the base of the bed, on the nozzle support and under the user support surface.

Music therapy is controlled by an SD card positioned near the user-friendly control console where it is possible to memorize music tracks and combine them with the chromotherapy programmes. The music comes from speakers positioned into the steam massage bed.

The controls consent to set and monitor all the different functions. As well as already preset protocols, it also, it is also possible to create new, customized ones. The technology used in Acua is extremely advanced.

Acua offers an ENDLESS number of treatments; steam baths, mud treatments, stone therapy, algae wraps, clay treatments, gommage exfoliation, savonage treatment, Scottish shower, massages combined with chromotherapy and music therapy and many, many more treatments.