Living Earth Craft (LEC)

Electric Lift Tables :

Infinity GT™ Multipurpose Treatment Table

Nuage™ Salon Table Pedestal Base

Nuage Pedestal+Studio

Nuage Vector™ Treatment Table

Nuage Vector+Studio

Nuage™ Salon Table Contemporary Cabinetry

Century City™ Dual-Pedestal Low-Range Treatment Table with Digital Warming Drawer

Nuage™ Salon Table Cuvée Cabinetry

Pro Salon™ Modern Cabinetry

Pro Salon Kensington

Stationary Tables :

Serenity™ Treatment Table with Cabinet Base

Serenity™ Treatment Table with Shelf Base

Napa Treatment Table Shelf Base

Napa Treatment Table Cabinet Base

Pedicure Chairs :

5th Avenue PediLounge™

Mystia™ Manicure / Pedicure Chair with Plumbed Footbath

ZG Dream™ Lounger Pedicure Package with Copper Bowl & Pedi Roll Up

ZG Dream™ Lounger Pedicure Package with Silver Bowl & Pedi Roll Up

Wilshire M™ Pedicure Chair with Manual Pedi Tub

Wilshire LE™ Pedicure Chair

Club LE™ Pedicure Chair

Manicure Tables :

Luma NailSpace

Madison+Studio NailSpace

Madison NailSpace

Relaxation Furniture :

Ella Wave Lounger

Wave Lounger

ZG Dream Lounger