Foot Washing

Spa Ritual is performed by washing client’s feet on their arrival into the spa. These Foot Washing Brass has been specially designed to perform this ritual.

URLI Foot Washing Brass

URLI Foot Washing Brass
Made from brass, lightweight with 17”/43 cm diameter and flat base so that one can easily place and soak feet into the water. They are hammered finish and available in two colors – Antique Brass or Antique Bronze finish.

Dia: 17”/43 cm, H: 6”/ 15 cm
Weight: 2 kg

Foot Wash Sinks

Foot Wash Sinks:
Large Sinks for foot wash. Available in Copper, Brass and Antique Bronze Finish.
H -15 cm/ 6”, Dia -43 cm / 17” Weight: 3.5 kg

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