HimalayaClima Wall: the heated salt wall.

HIMALAYAN CLIMA WALL® combines the most modern heating technologies with the healthy properties of Himalayan salt with the aesthetics and design made in Italy: Himalaya Clime Wall is a pleasant, healthy, innovative heat source, with an exciting designand suggestive chromotherapy system. The most common types of heating are those “by convention” where thermal elements, such as radiators, heat the air. In Himalayan CLIMA WALL® the thermal rays generated by the heating system heat “by radiation” the natural bricks of Himalayan salt. The infrared radiation generated by Himalayan Wall reproduces the same infrared waves of the sun to heat salt and the environment in a healthy and natural way, without consuming oxygen or moving harmful dust. In Himalayan CLIMA WALL® the infrared radiation heating system is combines and enhances the hygroscopic characteristics of salt, i.e. the ability to absorb and capture the water particles contained in the air (humidity and steam)

and hold them together with the impurities contained in it.The Himalayan salt, heated by radiation, attracts the surrounding air, freeing it from harmful particulates and releasing the micro natural trace elements contained in Himalayan salt into the air. It is important to underline that the infrared radiation of the Himalayan salt bricks has a considerable thermal inertia, this means that once the suitable temperature is reached the heat continues over time maintaining the wall of warm salt.
The Himalayan CLIMA WALL® mounting system enhances the naturalness of the salt and the elegance of the wall. It is a patented system thanks to which, the Himalayan salt bricks are dry-mounted without any visible hooking, either glue or chemical product. The patented Himalayan CLIMA WALL® system therefore guarantees zero fumes from the glues that are normally used to assemble salt bricks. In Himalayan clime wall, a sophisticated chromotherapy system with high power and low consumption LEDs, allows the choice of the color that best enhances the environment or that highlights the transparency and veining of the pink Himalayan salt. The system to change or alternate colors is controlled by a remote control.

Himalayan CLIMA WALL® has a total footprint of only 12 cm, it is easy to assemble, it is self-ventilated and maintenance is carried out completely from the front (without the need for compartments or inspection niches)

Himalayan CLIMA WALL® can be inserted in any environment as an additional heating system, purifies and ionizes the air, does not consume oxygen, sanitizes, relaxes. Each module heats up to 25 square meters. The heating effect is rapid and is perceived after a few minutes. Electric consumption is managed by a sophisticated electronics that improves energy efficiency and controls its heating power. The convenient display allows you to set the temperature and check the status. Himalayan CLIMA WALL® It has a standard size of 101.5cm (3,33 ft ) x 219cm (7,19 ft) h. On request it can be built in any size with proportionate heating powers.