Himalayan Clima Cube

Design your Relax Area with the new Himalayan Clima Cube

Himalayan Clima Cube® is a MULTIFUNCTIONAL SYSTEM that combines the most modern heating technologies, the healthy properties of Himalayan salt and the aesthetics and design Made in Italy.

HIMALAYAN CLIMA is a cube in tempered glass that contains pure Himalayan salt. It is equipped with a heating system, which turns it into SALT STOVE, a ventilation system that turns it into healthy AIR FILTER, a chromotherapy system that transforms and dresses the environment..

Himalayan Clima Cube® used as a SALT STOVE is a pleasant, healthy, innovative heat source with an exciting design and suggestive chromotherapy system. Himalayan salt, heated by infrared radiation, attracts the surrounding air more and more, freeing it from harmful particulates and releasing the natural micro trace elements contained in Himalayan salt. It can be inserted in any environment as an additional heating system, purifies and ionizes the air, does not consume oxygen, sanitizes, relaxes. The Climate Cube heats up to 25 square meters. Electric consumption is managed by a sophisticated electronics that improves energy efficiency and controls its heating power. The convenient display allows you to set the temperature and check the status.

Himalayan Clima Cube® used as a PURIFYING AND IONIZED AIR FILTER. In Clima Cube the activation of the ventilation system lets the ambient air pass through the pure Himalayan salt inside the Cube, transforming it into an all natural and healthy filter. Himalayan salt, crossed by air, reduces the concentration of mold and bacteria, limits electrosmog and purifies the air, making the environment in which we live more healthy.

In Himalayan Clima Cube® a sophisticated CROMOTHERAPY system with HIGH POWER and low consumption LEDs, allows the choice of the color that best enhances the environment or highlights the transparency and veining of the pink salt of the Himalayas. The colour diffused throughout the environment,  has a chromotherapic effect, relaxing the body and  mind, favoring wellbeing and meditation. The system for changing colors or cromo cycles is managed by a comfortable remote control.

All natural: within HIMALAYAN CLIME CUBE® there are no adhesives nor any type of chemical products. It is very easy to install, it is on wheels and that’s why can be easily moved from one environment to another.