Malibu Series

Malibu Flat

Malibu Tilt Back

Malibu Deluxe

Standard Features:
• American hard maple wooden frame
• Electric height adjustment controlled by both hand and foot
• Full electric salon top (hand control) with rounded corner
• Adjustable feet for stability on uneven flooring
• Super comfort Skin-touch luxurious PU upholstering
• Sliding cabinet door Both end headrest outlet

• Table Width: 76 cm/30”
• Table Length: 184 cm (table top)Including headrest: 211 cm
• Height Range: 70 cm ~ 86 cm
• Recommended Lift Capacity: 295 kg
• Static Weight Capacity: 1815 kg
• Cushion: 9 cm thick multi-layer Soft-foam system

Package includes:
• Adjustable face cradle,
• ultra soft face cushion,
• patented contoured arm support.