New Barcelona Package

New Barcelona
• Both of Face Cradle with adjustable and Facehole.
• The table made of European Beech wood
• with cable and a pair of locking knobs for extra strength.
• Increase safety with anti-slip pads on all four legs.
• It is also easy to carry with a bed bag with shoulder strap.

• Width 76 cm./Length 184 cm. (Excluding Face cradle)
• Height adjustable 60-80 cm.
• Cushion 2.5” Multilayer soft foam
• PU leather upholstery (Comfort Nature’s Touch)
• Net weight 19 kg.
• Maximum weight capacity 204 kg.

Package includes:
• Ultra soft deluxe face cushion
• Standard adjustable aluminum face cradle
• A standard carrying bag with a sturdy shoulder sling and handles