NOTE : the wellness chaise longue

The wellness musical chaise longue that awakens your body energy

NOTE is the wellness chaise longue that combines welfare harmonic vibrations of music, Chromotherapy and heat.

NOTE, with an innovative acoustic speaker system, is able to create a sound emission over the entire body of the user, dividing and alternating tones and frequencies on specific areas for an emotional experience like no other. A comfortable position, makes it extremely pleasant sitting,

wrapped in a heat wave that relaxes the muscles. The music envelops the mind and its vibrations pervade the body of harmonious and rebalancing waves. A skillfull Chromotherapy restores beneficial energy to the body.

Sitting on the wellness chaise longue NOTE creates a complete physical and mental balance, total relaxation, a strengthening of the physiological functions at all levels, with a deep interaction with our Subtle Energies.