Strata Cool FacePillow

The proprietary removable cooling gel pad of the Strata™ Cool FacePillow creates an immediate soothing sensation and dramatically reduces swelling and sinus pressure throughout the treatment.


The innovative Strata Cool pad sits among luscious layers of our downy Cloudfill™ polygel blend and viscous memory foam to swaddle your client’s face in a sea of tranquility. You can use with our patented Caress™ Self-Adjusting platform for a signature 5-star massage experience your clients will never forget.


• Strata pillow base cushion with proprietary Cloudfill polygel blend and viscous memory foam
• With Marine grade Aqua upholstery for extra moisture protection
• Luxurious Natursoft™ upholstery with attractive double stitched cover for a soft feel
• Two removable, washable cooling gel pads included