Theo – Stylish with Comfort

A wonderful addition to a day spa, resort, or multifunction room, this single cushion bed features 3 motors that adjust the height, backrest and center under the knees position.

It includes massage style armrests to improve comfort during prone positions, a handset control with reset function, and LED accent lighting in the base.

The headrest also features a removable center cushion for client comfort while they’re in the prone position. Foot control can be purchased as an option.

• 3 Motors Lift Table
• Size: 800×1985 (mm)
• Height Range: 680-930 (mm)
• Safety load range 200kg
• Footrest can be adjusted to near 0 gravity
• Needle punch leather bed
• With LED light
• Cushion thickness 120 (mm)
• PU Material