TravelMate Massage Kit

Ultra-portable face-down tabletop massage system – perfect for on the go massage, and combined with our Vitrectomy Mirror allows practitioners to bring massage therapy to any home or office. It even works with clients in wheelchairs. Able to position in seconds, the TravelMate™ sets up solidly on any desk or table top. It adjusts quickly and easily, and is able to provide balanced support for a client’s head and chest.

The TravelMate™ offers a complete face down support system and has all for a face down desk or tabletop seated massage, includes cushioned upholstered chest pad & Deluxe Adjustable™ Platform with FacePillow.

INFINITE ADJUSTABILITY Allows for height, angle and depth adjustment for the perfect fit for clients of all sizes. The face cradle can be set in different angles, the platform can go up and down and the angle of the chest pad can be adjusted.

TRAVELS WITH YOU Folds compactly in a handy zippered nylon carry case for home or office use and can be used on any table.

VITRECTOMY RECOVERY EQUIPMENT Can be used for Vitrectomy patients during recovery for reading, relaxing, and even sleeping. It can be slid under a mattress for use lying face down on a bed (will fit mattresses 11″ – 16″ high.) Not intended to be used with glasses.