Vivaldi – Vibromusical Wellness bed

The vibro-musical massage bed that awakens the energy of your body

VIVALDI, the vibro-musical massage bed that transmits sound through your body.

With an innovative system of loudspeakers without membrane, VIVALDI is able to create a sound emission over the entire body of the user, dividing and alternating tones and frequencies, on specific body areas, for an emotional experience like no other.

ISO Italia Group, in search of innovation for the well-being, has made this new equipment for aesthetics, with vibrational music, simple to use and highly effective on the body.

Body vibration, created by the music sound, is the best ally for a perfect blood circulation, used to promote fluid and toxins drainage. Musical vibration, as well as a great and intense sensory experience, helps blood circulation, making it more efficient. VIVALDI creates the best conditions for reducing blemishes and favours a greater absorption of the products used during the massage. From the first treatment, you may notice the

pleasant feeling of improved circulation, with a consequent lightness of the whole body, and in particular, of the legs. Vivaldi is able to stimulate natural energies and unique sensory, and it can be used with holistic applications such as crystals, muds, oils and special sands. Integrated chromotherapy system, enriches equipment functionality, making it versatile with the possibility of creating multiple treatments.

Lifting system (optional), ISO Benessere line’s feature, allows the positioning in height of the entire apparatus, making it comfortable to use for the customer and at the same time suitable to the operator needs. Leatherette mattress, with internal electronically controlled heating temperature, makes VIVALDI elegant, easy to clean, and very resistant. Thermostatic temperature control, is the completion, in a personalized way, to get the most relaxation of the body. Integrated electronic system, allows the customization of music and colors, as well as the ability to manage a diffuser and electric movement.

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